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I'm Back

In case you didn’t notice I was gone, I’m back in California, thwack splat in the middle of Los Angeles, where palms pontificate and birds of paradise scent the air. I arrived on a Virgin America flight from Dallas almost two months ago, so thirsty for sunshine, so hungry for a breezy walk down the boulevard to nowhere in particular that I practically ran from LAX to my current home with a younger/old friend. I say “practically” because I actually hopped the Flyaway to Westwood, then my friend came and scooped me up into my new / old life.

Dab, dab, da dab dab, smoke screen, haze, dab, dab, dab, and here I am two months later, sitting on the sofa and compiling all the fun activities I have participated in these past weeks in sun-drenched So Cal. I couldn’t be any happier than waking up to the window unit beckoning me, which leads to cold brew, catapulting me directly to the 24 Hr Fitness for cardio. I slide home and peel the sweat layer away in the shower before gussying myself into the appropriate mode to reengage the world yet again under the azure above. I locate an object of curiosity to drive my activity, whether it is an art opening in the Pacific Design Center or a comedy revue starring Amy Schumer at the Wiltern.

I experience, I laugh, I waltz, I skip, I taste and smell, I survey, I stop and reflect, I move on to something else and I keep moving, keep growing. Here I am on day fifty something and I grow happier each day as I enjoy the process of living and doing rather than where this living will lead and what the end product of my life will be. This concept is the key to my happy happenings. I keep it close and keep making sure it fits in any lock blocking my passage to the next room of happy, the next place to make something happen in the world. To be is to do is to we is to I is to why.

Living, writing, hiking, riding, walking, wading, reading, flying—these processes are who I am, simple yet intricate. If one wants to know me, come to where I am and participate with me. I’m always down for equally engaged individuals to embark on an adventure alongside me, whether in a sedan blazing two hundred miles east into the swelter and scarcity of the Joshua Tree laden desert scene or trudging through urban streets, alleys, catacombs and up hills of dirt that promise drop-offs and cutties previously unknown to the person participating.

So, I’m back in L.A. and I’m doing things. I might see you out and about. If I don’t or if you’d like to join in on the activity, shoot me a text message, dial me up, or send some other form of correspondence so we can make something enthralling occur together soon. I’ll be doing while waiting for your move.

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