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The Current

It’s itching to come out, itching to tumble forth, to rattle into a cohesive fabric of ideas. I start to zone and emit waves, I vibrate and move and groove until I rest, and breathe, rest, my reprieve and I believe. Yes, you best fall in line with your own intention as it coincides with the collective. I see cocks and cocktails in my periphery. Why have I taken such a seemingly endless break? I haven’t really. I’ve been devising and dividing tasks among the entire class. Once you let a little fluid seep through a crack, then the pressure causes the whole body of liquid to usher forth. Coherency is due to remaining relevant even when the focus travels on an incidental tangent. One must still be able to recognize the opportunity to engage the preexisting topic while also evolving onto the current and prescient trajectory. Sometimes spontaneity is the best plan.

I sit on a slab of concrete housing manicured plant life used as urban beautification, and I find six thousand things to appreciate in an instant. One single moment provides an eternity to conclude about the state of things.

Eyes open, refreshed and reset, the process reinvigorates. I feel the reverb of previous instances while my chest rises and then descends. This breath, this movement, enacts our journey and keeps it pushing toward the object of our daily design. If one can see beyond this daily push, one can push toward something that requires more than a short-term commitment.

I bask in this opportunity. I relish the universal ability to do anything that the individual will incites. I can see through the shade, beyond the hill and the plateau and the wood and the range, to the next day and the next moment, but only while completely inhabiting this very moment in which my fingers currently flutter across this keyboard made of artificial substances, but emitting something so very real that it can’t be destroyed with physical elements. I look deep beyond the back of my understanding around the current composition of facts to what could possibly be. I see it and I want to look closer, I want to become better acquainted. I can and I will. I just must focus and put in necessary time, effort, and energy. I am ready.

Let’s begin and begin and begin and finish in beginning. It is simple yet complex. I can write words and then follow with structure or I can compose a basic symbiosis of both processes, which tends to be more efficient. I practice and attack this with a fervent wit and tack that few can hack with the force of a machete. I can and will and so should you. You can, of course. One must just do. This is no slogan. This is a universal infinite codex. Problems are solved with concentration and analytical collaboration. Intense imagery disrupts the myopia when finding a solution. One way to eliminate the piss concrete walkways encased in cardboard downtown is to redistribute the cardboard boxes full rather than empty.

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