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How do I tell?

How do I say what I know all at once?

How many lives must I encounter?

How many words do I need?

How does perspective translate into diversity?

How does judgment escape one?

How should one expect to find the answers?

How should the pathway be illuminated?

What can I use to tell the story?

What can the story tell you?

What is it that you want to know?

What is it that we need to understand about you?

What looks like the direction that we should go?

What looks like where we will end up?

What makes the universe exist?

What makes us wonder why?

Where are we?

Where are the signs to righteousness?

Where do people go to find the symbols?

Where do people act upon the iconography?

Where can life lead us?

Where can death take us?

Where will the line be drawn?

Where will everything come together?

When does this happen?

When does it begin?

When is the time to start change?

When is life going to slow?

When shall everyone rise up?

When shall the process be expanded?

When can we know nothing?

When can we be everything?

Why is this the only option?

Why is smiling the way to cure sickness?

Why do people go to war and fight?

Why do the same things keep happening?

Why will ideas affect change?

Why will change help everyone?

Why should people consider these questions?

Why should questions continue to arise?

Who should know the answers?

Who should tell the answers to everyone else?

Who can live together with anyone?

Who can trust in everyone?

Who is the one?

Who is not?

Who knows how to peace?

Who knows how to love?


Copyright 2008

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