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One out Of...

Crowds slurp self,

in uneven swallows,

while swallows tweet

messages with hash

tags and @ this

@ that, I don’t need

those words, that haven’t

kissed clouds dusted with days,

dipped in mountainous terrain,

I don’t need those

adulterated utterances which

keep plaster in drywall

Flats, No, none for me,

I’ll take trunks of cherry

and beech and myrtle,

leaves as bedding,

moss the pillow

I’ll take stars for stories

to sleep, where dreams peek

back toward the city

bustle beckons, for a coffee

with strangers where, this

leads to that

then another

to share, new strolls

down the beach, hikes

through Tujunga, but we

dissolve, line turned dot,

without another, single

oscillating, only one, amongst

All, where light shines from

beating hearts, capillaries

distributing history

a thriving organism,

Organized and

Chaos, random


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