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Breathe In the World...Breathe Out Solutions

I breathe in the world, taking swallows of water intermittently while I look inside myself, watch my organs process with purpose, discuss my energy’s intent. I sit and wait and go because I have an agenda, we do. We must wake up, too many of us are groggy and we can’t seem to get any kind of momentum. So we must rise and stretch, wipe the sleep out of our minds’ eyes. Focus soft and gaze open, we see in the direction that we want to go. If we can watch ourselves together with the world, we can know how to help combat this greed and fervent extinction of our resources.

October swelter slaps faces and sweats thighs, shiny glisten covers the crowd, but people still want to deny and wonder why. I know this climate is changing because of the fossil fuels that we continue to burn in order to earn our electricity--power. Instead of acknowledging, we need to actually combat this situation with individual initiative.

Start, begin by picking things up and putting them in their places, and continue by proactively instigating new ways to conserve our energy and environment. It is selfish to think that this planet only belongs to us humans. Realistically, it has sustained for many years and needs to sustain all life for many years to come.

I stop and sniff a pat of smog as I skid down the street in my sneakers. I breathe in this toxic pollution and exhale solutions, answers that guide our collective ride. I take a sip of water from the faucet and cringe. I need a dollar and 33 cents to sip a liter of something serene, sad but not despair.

I sort and recycle, I turn off lights, I pick up trash, and I don’t need any credit or praise. I need this Earth and I love her. I take time out to breathe, to sit still. I am aware and yet I can become so much more and so I investigate and I explore. I want to know, each perspective, every story and feel and glow. It’s real, but you don’t need me to tell you so.

And so now goes and here it is, watching and doing, I dip in and out of routine into a steady flow, river run, see white crests tip currents from winds of four directions. All in a moment, and now we must act on our knowledge of what needs to be done. For each individual the objective is different, concurrent with the whole, yes, let’s go. I’m so happy to keep pushing, keep speaking, leaking, communicating and listening, quiet, listening. And now show the universe, go, go, keep going, forever, moving, forever moving. How can I help you? I’ll do anything, too.

I breathe out the world and breathe in again, exhaling a vision of what is and what I can do now, keep doing, never done—a new perspective to inspect and fuel with energetic tools.

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