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These days when the sun spills over the horizon and sheds its heat, I begin with a stroll and relax my mind to the tune of a new artist vocally serenading electronic combinations of bass and melody, rhythm and groove, take a dance down Sunset with me, will you? I love to leave it all on the page, to feel the reverb of my consciousness against the concrete, to speed through my memory, images pique.

At first glance, my thoughts picture a beach with golden grains of sand and coolly warm salt water riding up my thighs and torso. I touch the bottom with my toes and bounce my nostrils from fruit trees to the sea. I can tell why my neck tingles with breeze, purely from looking in the back of my mind. I can know this place by closing my eyes and letting the breaths go by. I could be there now with the cypress blaring in my nose against the volcanic shores that rock with turquoise waves.

Or I could return to this moment, where I live and inhabit in complete and utter happiness. I love this life, especially when it’s hard, when we have to challenge ourselves to survive, no guaranteed success. I relish how right now I’m doing exactly what I want to be and it’s because I prepared it that way, I planned to do what I’m doing. I am gaining momentum as I establish a routine and feel the rhythm.

Now, when I sit typing, my mind sees all that is right here in front of me, breathing, opening, warming, smiling, joyous, smiling, I stop trying and do like Yoda, but I’m here on this Earth waiting for Mars and then some. I sit still once and then again if I can daily, hourly, is it in me?

It’s in us, we, need to be that new current of electric slide and where I left off I started back up as the lines, align, all times, into those portals which glow. I know

Nothing, yet I know less than I thought.

I keep adding and collecting, starting over and continuing, starting new things while others persist.

I try to salve the flavor and intention of intuition and investigation as I sit and still type and don’t stop, won’t stop, I need to be seething with meaning and I’m

Steaming, upon the Hillside, my Oxfords before instruction and then to serve up

Foie Gras and pesticide to Hipfanticide upon Palisades, yes it definitely degrades in downgrades, pause, reexamine before conclusion if scientific is to be specific, Pacific.

Gleam and squint, down the boulevard, hills encase the crowd, ants to humans, I stroll and scintillate. Scanning and surveying, I move from one point to the next with my eyes on cars scooting by with gas stank in the back of my throat. I know only what I breathe in, staring at everything as it zooms by with my whole focus. I see behind the past to the rebirth of our present.

This clean slate, this fresh start, it fills me up inside.

My thoughts jump from idea to idea, notion to notion, I focus them in on something and then they expand out. It’s similar to a beating heart. Feel the rise and fall. Ba dum bum. Ba dum bum.

Thoughts need to congregate so that groups can benefit from their relation and then these thoughts may disperse back into the universe to benefit other individuals and collectives in other zones. If only we allow for possibility, the most difficult task will eventually find a solution.

When we let other people get in the way of our aspirations, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We can’t quit because it seems out of reach. We must improve ourselves, learn more, and take criticism constructively, to make what we want become a reality. Learn from our past to make our now effective and we can affect change. I will, I have and I will continue to push. So, I also know that everyone else also can, anyone can. We just need to try and that begins with being aware.

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